Work - IFTT like for billing

The team hired me to build an API in Rails for their initial iPhone App.
I then assumed the role of Lead dev for their team, connecting various external API, building their automation system and more.

Invoicing and budgeting made easy

The founders hired me to add synchronisation and backup feature to their original ArchiveMe iPhone application.
We kept working together, extending features, adding more and more APIs after a first pivot: from storing user bills, to connecting to banks and billings services. CEO - Fabien Charbit

Benoit helped us a lot to accelerate our roadmap and make the product of the quality que needed. He is well organized, super efficient and very skilled.

Two fundraising rounds

I kept working with the company, leading the tech team.
We passed through two fundraising rounds, including a successful pick at the Seed Camp.
The product expanded to a desktop and a brother version as well, including always more API connectors.

iOS, Rails and tons of APIs

I used Rails to quickly build our device APIs and create background jobs connecting the various connectors that the startup provided.
We issued a standard pattern to integrate new APIs and Activations.
The solution was hosted on Heroku.

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