User-friendly software built to make people happy

Within your budget, I turn your ideas into solutions.
I'm skillfully crafting website, web and mobile applications;
using Ruby on Rails, Angular, VueJs and more.
Let's discover what we can create together.

I put technology at your service

I helped startups and established companies, running all different kind of businnesses, to meet their goal: Startups through fundraising, Commerce to aquire customers and sell products, Organisations to get visibility, ...

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I cover all my client needs

I'm a full stack developer & UI Designer.
I cover all project needs, from initial conception and design, to development and deployment.




Get to know me another way

Hi, I'm Benoit Molenda.

You may find me rock climbing, playing music, drawing, or just relaxing with a thick book and a large cup of coffee.

You'll find this love for versatitly, dedication and simplicity into my work as well.

Tell me about your project

if you have read up to this point, you probably have an idea in mind.
Write me about it, even if we don't get in business, I'm always glad to exchange.

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