ECAS - Unity app converted to HTML5

ECAS is a french association providing animation training.
They got an Unity application to test applicants' skills.
I helped them to reach a bigger audience, avoiding app installation requirement.
We rebuild it using HTML5 and JS.

Make a service more accessible

ECAS is a solidarity school, teaching animation, targeting young students.
They built internally an UNITY app to test applicants. 
However the app was unaccessible to potential students without a home computer or taking the test in a state employment centre, where software installation isn't allowed.
Typical agencies didn't want to take the risk of handling such an unusual project.
ECAS taped into my love for web interfaces to get the job done.

Brice DUBAT - Project Manager at ECAS

Efficient, professional and available, working with BenoƮt has been a pleasure. During our collaboration, he brilliantly took up the project challenges, knowing how to adapt to our constraints, while providing his expertise on the key points!

Cross browser compatibility

We started with a quick prototype to validate the project feasibility and tech dark hedges.
The main challenge was the mobile usage, with small screen of various sizes.
We spotted that mobile browsers are even less uniform than computer ones, requiring even more testing.
I successfully created a version that run perfectly across every devices and browsers.

JQuery & Raphael JS

You don't need always a large framework such as Ember, Angular, Vue or React.
I simply combined JQuery and RaphaelJS.
A lot of testing was required to manage browsers' events inconsistance, ending with a robust boiler plate for all scenarios.
No bug at all were signaled after launch.  

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