Adloop - A marketing analytics startup

I built the MVP before becoming CTO of the company for a while.
We created a SAAS that allow companies to explore the entirety of their data (Analytics, Ads, Mailing ...),
avoiding actors biais, highlighting correlations, etc ...

SAAS & Big Data

I helped the SEO to build the MVP that lead to the fundraising rounds and my nomination as CTO.
The task was centered on balancing feature growth with the pressure of the data flow.
The company grew, welcoming bigger and bigger company names,
and I'm glad to see the team keep working that after my departure.

Adloop CTO - Christopher Bograt

Benoit designed our entire application from back-end to front-end. With more than 10 years experience in Rails, he was a great booster for features development.

Two successful rounds and big client names

The company went through two fundraising rounds.
Along the way, we were happy to get on board big names such as: Disney, Quick Silver, Center Parcs ...

Angular, Rails & PostgreSQL

The MVP was built with Angular and Rails.
Angular allowed us to build a large front-end, featuring lot of settings and data visualisations.
Ruby is my go-to language. I trusted it to give the velocity a Startup require.
With it, the team quickly connected a lot of APIs, built data extractions and processes.

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