Questions & Answers

A first aid kit for curious people

General questions

1 Where are you located ?
My HQ is in France, I travel a lot.
2 Would you relocate ?
No, I work remotely. However I like to travel to meet my client time to time, or when I feel my presence is required.
3 Are you available for full-time work ?
Yes and No. It depends of my current loading. Also I always keep some spare time for other projects to keep my mind refreshed. Out of that, collaborations can long for months and years.
4 Do you work alone or do you have a team ?
I work alone. Sometimes I propose the participation of other lonesome cowboys.
5 Do you require deposit ?
Yes! It's a usual practice to commit everyone in the projet.
6 Do you accept BitCoins ?
No, Euros. I love Europe.
7 Do you provide contract ?
Of course yes.


1 What technologies do you use ?
It totally depends of the project. For a from-scratch project, my usuals are :

  • Ruby On Rails
  • Angular
  • Postgres, MongoDB, Redis
  • Nginx

2 Do you test your code
Yes. I agree with the client on the required coverage prior starting the project.
3 How do you deliver a code
With specifications and code delivery on git repository. Meaning I don't ensure code storage, it's my client responsability.
4 How much do you charge ?
For short projects, I issue quote. Other cases, it all depends on the tasks and responsibilities. We have to talk anyway.


1 How much do you charge for consulting ?
Hourly rate, 100 Euros the hour.
2 What expertise you provide ?
I help with tech choices, roadmaps, startup and small business development.
3 How do you proceed ?
Phone or Skype call. Depending on the topic, I can make research and experiment and provide informations reports. Larger prototype may fall under "software creation" or "design".


1 Do you handle hosting and maintenance ?
Yes, for monthly fee.