Benoit helped us a lot to accelerate our roadmap and make the product of the quality que needed. He is well organised, super efficient and very skilled.

__ CEO - Fabien Charbit __

Fabien & ... wanted to start their own startup.
They have make built a small smartphone app for bill tracking, that get a good visibility on the stores.
Our first project was to add a backup feature, via dropbox, to this app.

After this first test mission, we decided to work on a more regular basis. Their vision was that adminstration, especially bills, was a time consuming task that no one like to do.

They decided to tackle this problem with their application with the addition of couple of features :

  • Device data synchronisation
  • Connection to bank accounts, to get the available balances
  • Connect to the most of online service provider, to retrieve automatically bills (internet provider, electricty, online shops ...)
  • Build an IFTT like system, to automate actions (for instance : email to my accountancy service the monthly bills)

I handled the role of the lead developer of the company.
I help thel to take critical decision about technical and design choices, highlighting pros and cons of every steps.

We decided to handle the server side with Ruby on rails.
I handled the synchronisation system by developing both side, the server and the client with Cocoa for Apple devices.

MongoDB was picked as a Database, to handle large amount of clients financial documents and the high mutability of the data structures.

Finnaly, I took care of desining the IFFT like structure and processes, allow them add more and more services, as the other member of team provided extrat API connectors.

Through our collaboration, managed two fundraising rounds. The second was the award of the 2012 Seed camp of London.

The french startup life ...
The IFTT like design was the most interesting part of it, even if we all learned a lot through the whole experience.

I'm writting those line couple of years later. The startup pivoted during the year following my departure. They moved from B2C to BtoB, and from Paris to the US.

I wish the founders to keep living this startuper life they seamed to enjoy so much.