ECAS University

Efficient, professional and available, working with Benoît has been a pleasure. During our collaboration, he brilliantly took up the project challenges, knowing how to adapt to our constraints, while providing his expertise on the key points!

__ Brice DUBAT - Project Manager __

ECAS is a French association, backed by the TeamTo video game studio. They propose a full animation lesson program aiming to integrate any student, no diploma required. The students are only tested on their raw abilities for animation.
In that fashion, TeamTo created a desktop application (with Unity) providing a simple ball bouncing animation case. The students have to create the full animation, frame by frame, stretching and orienting the ball, to create the best feeling possible.

After launching the few first seasons, a recurrent problem raised.

  • Some students haven't got a computer home.
  • The test can be assigned in "Pôle emploi", the french government unemployed people help agency, where no software can be installed on the computers
  • The same installation problem exists also in cyber coffees.

So some candidats were simply not able to sit the test due to a technical lock out.

That's were ECAS start looking for porting the desktop app into a web version.

Before we met, couple of agencies were interviewed for the job. Most of them rejected the offer or asked for a too high budget. Indeed this kind of project are quite uniq, potentially full of unspotted problematics and tech dead ends. This is quite a problem especially when the project has a short and important deadline attached to it.

I decided to scout the path with a with a quick prototype prior to commit. This pre-research relaxed both for the client and I, highlighting couple of limitations that we were able to discuss before the project kickoff, and clear out where the real difficulties were laying.

Without surprises, I used a lot of javascript. I decided to use JQuery framework to help me with the basic forms, and RaphaelJS for the graphics of the animation editor component.
On the top of that, I build a micro MVC framework.

In addition of the editor, a significant time were spent to handle the variety of mobile device ratios and the possibility of a window resizes on the browser. If you start such a project, you'll find out that mobile browsers are quite odds, exactly like desktop ones were back in the days : Feature implementation inconsistency. 

In the end, everything rolled really smoothly. The client and I are super satisfied with both the result and the process.

This project was super fun. Almost felt building a video game. Looking forward to work again with this client that was super friendly.