Benoit designed our entire application from back-end to front-end. With more than 10 years experience in Rails, he was a great booster for features development.

__ Adloop CTO - Christopher Bograt __

At the beginning of the project, Stephane Gendrel (Adloop CEO) was the head of Uptime Conseil, a consulting service company for marketing and business.

Beeing an expert on digital advertisment, he had get created an early Excel based prototype that explored some views he has on the domain :

  • Analytic tools may suffer of conclict of interest, for instance Google sells and mesures ads.
  • Incomplete view (only email, only ads, ...) create important bias : The whole (marketing) system is more than the sum of its parts.
  • ...

So he launch a startup to develop a SASS solution to :

  • Gather the real big data of clients (from traffic, mailing, ads, ...), including costs and other meta data.
  • Rebuild the full customers journeys
  • Apply rationnalisation and filters on them
  • And finaly present the data in a daily usable way to take actions

The project started with the mission of developing a rich interface, with another subcontractor handling data processing with PERL scripting.

We setup an Angular javascript client communicating with a Rails API with a Postgres database. The application was allowing clients to connect, configure various settings, and accessing the data produced by the PERL scripts.

After this successful boot, the company grew up, and ProxyGear commited for a longer term mission, holding the CTO role. We found out profiles for hiring, to grow the Adloop team, organised the development in an agile style, and start providing knowledge and formation to the new comers.

The exponential growth of data size and the need of more robust tools for development forced us to rethink the PERL scripts responsible of the data stream.
Step by step, new features were introduced in Rails, while the PERL was slowly converted into Ruby, and the Data Base bottle necks were investigeted.

Through this adventure, Adloop successfuly convinced investores during two round of fundraising : Sofimac innovation (VC), CAAP Creation (French bank subsidiary company) and other business angels.

Working on a project with an indefinite duration was intersting, but can lack of variety.
And ProxyGear aims for this constant renewal.

So after three year of startup hard work, stress and victories, ProxyGear left the project.
We took good care of clean up the code base, writting documentation and helping the team to handle the transition.

We hope them to keep growing and bring more transparency in the world of advertising, to help marketing departments of the world to spend money better.