Really simple AngularJS file upload

Using frameworks is totally mandatory in application industry. When I hear people who develops apps with pure language or home made framework (meaning bunch a code lines barely packaged and tested by one single personne on hearth) I usually scream internally...

There are couple of scenario where it could make sens, but for the 9x% of time, avoiding them is madness. So why some one would do such a thing ?

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Rails: Engine to stream live logs

A company asked me to demonstrate my skills for Rails, BackboneJS, MarionetteJS and data live stream. I decided to get a try with javascript EventSource and ActionController::Live. You can take a look at the sources here. It provides an Interface to watch and filter app logs, live!

I share in this post various things I learned around this experimentation.

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Mount Jekyll into a Rails App

I decided to use Jekyll as bloging solution for my new site.
It's a little ruby tools that turns markdown into a complete blog made of static assets.
But what if you need to add dynamic features over it ?
You can mount it into a Rails application.

I tryed to use the Bloggy gem but it didn't bahaved as wanted.
However it gave a me a great idea of you to do it.
Let's see how to handle this.

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ROR : views, errors and loading paths

Today we gonna mess with views, errors and loading paths in rails.
I gonna recap basic stuffs about render method, explain layout missing error then share couple of tricks I use with loading paths.

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Where to work ?

Jason Fried present his view about work : offices aren’t the best place to make things happens.
In this talk, he lays out the main problems (the M&Ms) and offers three suggestions to make work work.

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Ruby: class inheritance

Ruby on rails is an programming language highly class oriented.
Indeed, everything is a class. Even a class.

Today we gonna take a look a inheritance.
What happen when you do not specify inheritance ?
What does "class << self" mean ?

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